Charms App

What is Charms?

 Charms is an app used by all of our bands. It allows texts to be sent to parents and students, calendars are posted, practice logs can be submitted, etc. It is very important that you and your student sign up for this app on your apple or android device as this will be the primary way we communicate with your student and you. 

Video of How to Use Charms

This is for another band program, but it explains how you can use Charms once you have logged in with the link. Our school code is AMBAND. Your "student area password" is your 1,000# (student ID).

AMCMS/Oakwood Charms Link

The school ID has already been entered for you at this link. The "student area password" is your student's 1,000# (student ID).          

NOTE: If your child is in Oakwood Band, we are working to get their 1000 numbers in so they can sign in to Charms. We will post here when they are ready. AMCMS students should be able to use their 1000 number to sign in to Charms.

For future reference, the school code for Charms is AMBand.